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How to get rid of cholesterol deposits around eyes naturally?
Many people experience frequent and numerous appearance around their eyes, such as under eyes and on the eyelids. Although these small pimples are usually painless, cholesterol deposits might be aesthetically disturbing, and moreover, can be a sign of health disturbance. The occurrence of cholesterol deposits around your eyes might be related to lipid levels, liver function, and symptoms of chronic diseases. A set of tests might be needed to find out the main cause of cholesterol deposits formation. Besides knowing the cause of their cholesterol deposits occurrence, finding out how to get rid of this problem is as important. Since cholesterol deposits around your eyes might be aesthetically deteriorating, getting rid of it completely becomes an important concern.
Surgical procedures which include laser has been known to treat these small yellowish pimples. Another treatment with certain substance such as trichloroacetic acid can also be used to get rid of the bumps. However, these cholesterol deposits or xanthelasma are likely to reoccur after treatments. Thus, some natural treatments which can be done at home might be suitable for treating the whole problem. Some efforts to be considered in getting rid of cholesterol deposits around eyes include:
1. Controlling diets intake. Although cholesterol deposits do not necessarily mean that your cholesterol level is high, its occurrence gives a sign that some of your oil glands may be blocked. Therefore, reducing fatty diets can be helpful in decreasing its occurrence and preventing it from reoccur.
2. Getting regular lipid and cholesterol test. This is also important, since by knowing your lipid and cholesterol level you would know what foods you should not consume to avoid cholesterol deposits.
3. Exercises are important to keep your proper blood flow. This will promote a good metabolism and break down accumulated fats. By exercising, you prevent your glands from being blocked by accumulated fats.
4. Eat fruits and vegetables which are loaded with vitamin C and B. This will help promoting better metabolism and breaking fats to avoid blocked glands.
5. Get a damp tea bag compress. This will help flatten the pimples and make it less visible. Do this regularly to avoid cholesterol deposits from reoccurring.
6. Ground some garlic and apply it onto the affected area. Garlic is loaded with anti-inflammatory which can help getting rid of these cholesterol deposits. This treatment may cause severe sting initially, but many people indeed find it useful in flattening the bumpy small pimples.
How to get rid of white pimples or white bumps

You probably know the lemon juice and toothpaste tip to get rid of pimples. You may also be aware of other common suggested remedies such as peroxide, tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and aspirin. Among the herbal solutions, green tea detoxifies your systems and prevents pimples. Applying mashed banana peels also work wonder with these nasty swellings.
The white uneven bumps that pop-up on our skin are called white pimples or milia. They are mostly caused due to hormonal imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet.
White bumps are keratin filled cysts and are of two types: Primary milia and secondary milia. The improper development of the oil glands in the body responsible for the primary milia where as secondary milia caused due to trauma to the skin. In some cases the excess exposure to sun light also gives rise to milia. The best possible ways to avoid the milia is through avoiding the chemicals and limiting the heavy exposure to sun light.
Remedies to reduce white pimples
To kill the bacterial liquid which is contributing for the pimples use benzoyl peroxide. It aids in the removal of the dead skin, and it offers the bright and rejuvenating skin texture in its place. Benzoly peroxide comes under various concentrations, how ever a 2.5% concentration has the equal effectiveness with 5-10 percent solutions, and it is known well for its less irritating properties.
Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is an essential oil that helps to reduce the size of the pimple and its associated redness. Take a dropper and drop the tea tree oil on the pimple area, make sure you are not pouring more than amount. The bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil reduces the microbes that are trying to stay inside the pores.
The handy available home remedy to treat the white pimples and its redness and size is toothpaste. Apply a dab of toothpaste on the pimple zone and then leave it for the over night. It shows amazing effect on your pimple, it minimizes the size and redness with in the overnight. But before going to apply the toothpaste, read the list of ingredients it consists of. You are allowed to apply the toothpaste that contains silica( It dries the pimples) but be-careful to use the one with sodium laurel sulfate, which may irritate your skin.
Salicylic acid
How to treat bumps after waxing
It acts similar to benzoly peroxide and aids in combating with the bacteria which promotes the growth of the pimple. Put a little amount of salicyclic acid on the pimple affected area and leave if for about 8 to 9 hours. The ideal time to apply salicyclic acid is before going to sleep. It also makes the skin cells to shed fast and encourages the generation of new skin.
Aspirin with its rich anti-inflammatory properties helps the skin to act against the inflammation. Take one aspirin tablet and crush it in to powder, add it few drops of water and turn it into paste. Keep this paste over the affected area and let it shows its action on the pimples for few minutes. Rinse off the skin after it got dried. Try to do this process for two to three times a week to notice the difference.
Pick the natural astringents such as lemon juice, green tea, witch hazel or banana peel to make the pimple and its redness less noticeable. Citric acid present in the lemon reduces the bacteria that cause pimples and works like a natural skin lightener. Also try using pharmaceutical astringents which contain antimicrobial elements to fight with the pimples and its inflammation.

However, do you know that besides all these there are still more amazing ways to treat pimples with simple ingredients? Check out the tips here to find the one working for you.
How to remove pimples naturally
1. Sandalwood paste: In India, sandalwood paste is used on holy occasions. The point here is that it is so good and calming that it is seen fit to anoint Goddesses! Do you want to feel the same with a beautiful, blemish-free face? Now, you already know how to achieve it! Use sandalwood paste on the affected area before you go to sleep. Let the natural magic work its wonders when you dream and smile in your mind! Wake up, rinse your face, the pimple is gone, and you have returned to your dream look!
2. Fresh garlic paste: Sandalwood paste exudes a very beautiful aroma. The same cannot be said about the pungent odor of garlic. However, both share their common power of killing bacterial infections. Garlic paste is a very powerful antidote to pimples. If you can withstand the smell, leave it over overnight. You may be surprised to see in the morning that it is not there.
Now, you can wash your face with a sandalwood soap, and the memories of pungent garlic are gone to the wind, just like the pesky whiteheads. It is not a good daytime remedy obviously as long as you live with folks who do not mind whether you are smelling like raw garlic or not!
3. Egg white: You do not have to spoil the egg. When you are preparing it, just pick up a bit of egg white on your fingertips and apply it on the pimples. It works very well, but it won’t smell very well. Keep it as long as you can before you wash it and cover the smell with a good moisturizing lotion. Consider mixing a drop of lemon juice with egg white for better results.
4. Try tomato pulp: Tomato pulp can be an excellent herbal remedy to relieve the pimples. Tomatoes are very high in antioxidants and these ingredients attack (to defeat) the germ infestation in your pimple area. Many home remedies also suggest using tomato face masks to deal with acne scars.
5. Warm and cold water treatment: This is an innovative pimple treatment you can try. First, understand the science. Topical application of warm water expands the blood vessels and skin pores. Topical application of ice or cold water minimizes blood flow in the applied area and cause the swelling to subside. If you apply a little of warm water by cotton dab, the pimple may expand and you can zit it.
Try alternating the warm and ice treatment because constant application of the warm water can be uncomfortable. Use warmth more than the cold unless it zits. Wash the face with an antiseptic soap and apply ice to subside the residual swelling once the blood and pus are ejected. You can also freeze green tea into ice, and use it for extra relief.
6. Mustard and honey mask: Have you tried the mustard and honey mask? Mustard works great for pimples because it has natural salicylic acid besides being a rich source of zinc, Omega 3 fatty acid, Omega 6 fatty acid, and vitamin C. The other ingredient of this face mask, honey, is also super rich in antioxidants. Use 1 tsp honey and about 1/8 tsp mustard powder to prepare a good pimple mask.
7. Apple cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is amazing! It is truly wonderful on how this common concoction offers so many benefits. Among its other uses, this vinegar solution works extremely well on pimple remission. Use a cotton swab to apply ACV on the pimples maximum twice daily.
8. Clay mask: Buy MultaniMitti or fuller’s earth for making your clay mask. It offers deep cleansing of facial pores including getting rid of the pimples. Add a few drops of lavender oil for a beautifully relaxing experience.
9. Precautions: Finally, consider this thought that it is better to not have the pimples instead of having them and treating them! Follow simple precautions such as avoiding too much oily food, using harsh cosmetics, not removing your makeup before going to sleep, and avoiding face washes every time you come home from the pollution.
Treating Acne Naturally with Lifestyle Changes
Reduce your stress level. Scientific evidence finds a correlation between a high stress level and acne breakouts. The same cells that make sebum, which is the oily substance that gives you acne, have receptors for stress hormones. This can lead to breakouts when you’re feeling overwhelmed. There are a multitude of activities you can use to cut your stress, which is beneficial for your health overall.
o Meditation. Spend just a few minutes a day sitting with your eyes closed and focusing on your breathing. This will help your body and mind unwind, reducing your stress levels and hopefully cutting down on your acne.
o Listen to music. While soothing music helps your body relax and stay calm, any playlist of music you enjoy can distract you from your stress and put you in a positive mood.
o Exercise. This will release endorphins and put you in a better mood. Even a simple walk is enough to de-stress your body and mind.
o Don’t bottle up your feelings. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, reach out and talk to others. This will help you work out your problems in a constructive way.

Get enough sleep. Although the connection between sleep and acne is not entirely clear, most doctors agree that insufficient sleep puts you at greater risk for psychological stress. This will make your acne worse and is bad for your skin overall. Commit to getting 8 hours of sleep a night to give your skin a healthy boost.
Exercise regularly. Besides reducing stress, exercise helps your acne by stimulating circulation to your skin. This brings essential nutrients to your skin and pulls toxins away, helping in the fight against acne. Doctors usually recommend 30-60 minutes of physical activity daily to keep yourself in healthy shape.
o Remember to wash your face after exercising to get sweat and dirt out of your pores.
Stop using heavy cosmetics. These will clog your pores and make acne symptoms worse.

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