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There are habits that make you fat. Among these we remember drinking too many coffees, skip breakfast, stress and snacks at night. Here’s everything you do not have to do.

Here then what are the worst habits that make you fat.


  1. Skipping meals. It is often believed that fasting is a safe strategy to lose weight. The boomerang effect, however, is always lurking: skipping lunch in fact you risk getting to dinner time so hungry that you can not keep your appetite and therefore also the calories you take. Moreover, skipping meals could also have bad repercussions on the functioning of the metabolism.


  1. Choose the wrong snacks. At the table you pay attention to everything and then to stop the hunger during the day you allow yourself a sin of gluttony? This is also a classic mistake and that may cost dear to the line: crackers or, even worse, chips and snacks in fact seem to break completely innocent and instead are high-calorie foods that make the needle of the scales, even if consumed in modiche quantity.


  1. Eat always away from home. Even eating at the bar or in the restaurant is often a dangerous habit for the line. Even if you plan to choose only healthy and wholesome dishes, in most cases you can not know how foods are cooked, often over-seasoned.


  1. Match carbohydrates. Another common mistake is to make a wrong combination of foods. In the same meal, for example, you should not combine different carbohydrates: a first one should not therefore be accompanied with bread or even with potatoes.


  1. Avoid breakfast. Another bad habit for the line is to skip breakfast in the morning. In fact, the risk is to get hungry at lunchtime but also to dangerously slow down the metabolism.


  1. Use food as an anti-stress. Nervous hunger is the number one enemy of the line. In fact, often without even realizing it we tend to eat out of boredom, nervousness or to find a consolation. The calories taken in this way, however, are really out of control and therefore very dangerous.


  1. Exaggerate with condiments. Attention also to the classic seasonings. Consuming a simple salad is not a light choice, in fact, if you do not keep under control the use of oil or sauces to dress, often very caloric.
  2. Consume alcohol. Another threat to the line is alcoholic beverages whose caloric intake is often underestimated. A single cocktail, for example, can provide up to 800 calories. For an after dinner or an aperitif with friends, then, better to opt for wine, to be limited to one glass however considering that on average it provides about 250 calories.


  1. Always have breakfast at the bar. Another classic mistake is represented by the habit of having breakfast at the bar with croissant and cappuccino: if it is true that what we eat early in the morning has a good chance of being well disposed during the day, breakfast bar should be an exception to rule. Better to opt for a healthy meal, based on cereals or a slice of toast with a veil of jam.


  1. Sedentary life. Finally, if you try to control the balance, it is good not to underestimate the sedentary lifestyle. Even without enrolling in the gym or playing sports, you can still try to stem the sedentary lifestyle: perhaps choosing to move on foot and without using means or preferring the stairs to the elevator.

Source: healthiestwebsite

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