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How old are you? If people inquire from us that question, we tell them our age in years. But what we should be figuring out is just how old our bodies are, or what their biological age is. You might be surprised to find out that most of the time, it’s not the same age we are.

Chronological Age vs Biological Age

Our bodies have two different ages: chronological age and the biological age. The chronological age refers to how long we’ve actually been alive or our age in term of years, but biological age refers to how old our bodies seem.

There is a very simple way by which you can find your biological age, and you can do it right at home!

Test Your Biological Age

This is a simple test, based on flexibility that will tell where your body lies relative to your chronological age. First, do some light stretching exercises to get your body ready.

Now stand with your feet together, then bend to maximum and see how far you can reach down with your hands. If keeping your legs straight is too uncomfortable, allow a slight bend. Memorize how far you got and compare it to the test results.

If you could…

Touch the ground with your hands while keeping your legs straight, your muscles are relaxed and your body is as flexible as an average 20-25-year-old person.

Touch the ground with your fingertips, either with straight legs or with a slight bend in your knees. If you feel little to no discomfort, your muscle flexibility is on-par with someone who is between 35-38 years old.

ouch your toes or just your feet in general with bent knees or straight legs. If you can only reach this far and your muscles are tense and starting to cause discomfort your muscle flexibility is similar to that of someone who is 38-50 years old.

You can’t touch your feet, and if you were to try and reach farther, you would be really bending your knees. If trying to stretch a little farther makes your muscles scream and you need to stand up right away, your muscles have the flexibility of someone over 50.

Luckily, your body’s flexibility is really up to you. With a daily, light stretching routine you can build your flexibility and turn the clock back on your muscles.

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So, how old is your body?

Source: medicaldaily.com

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