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Whenever you enter in a public bathroom, you are probably doubting whether you should hover, or cover the toilet seat. This is understandable as the thought of sitting on a public toilet is definitely not a pleasant one, since the entire restroom is packed with bunch of strange germs and bacteria.


Most people have an issue with pubic restrooms, let’s face it, they are not the cleanest places on earth. While we may try to avoid them, sometimes we just have to use them, but what do we do when we use them?


We cover the seat with a toilet seat cover or if the restroom doesn’t have those we use toilet paper. Sounds like a good idea right? wrong. You may think the toilet seat would be the grossest part of the bathroom right? well, it’s not. Toilet seats are designed to prevent bacteria from sticking around. The real germs are actually already on the toilet paper!


When you flush these lidless toilets the bacteria gets strewn across the room and on everything including the toilet paper. This bacteria seeps into the paper and waits for its next use. Electric dryers are also known for giving off large amounts of bacteria.


It would actually benefit you if you were to bring your own toilet paper or wipes from home. This would dramatically cut back on the germs. Please share this post with everyone you care about so that they don’t fall victim to this bacteria!



Source: littlething.info

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